How To Bike Around The World With Your Pet: Zero To Travel Podcast

Is Cycle Touring one of the best ways to travel with your pet?

Out four-legged friends theme week continues on the Zero To Travel Podcast.

Today you’ll hear from Jen and Dave of Long Haul Trekkers.  They quit their jobs and decided to bike around the world with their dog Sora!  They’ll teach you plenty about International Travel with a dog.

Talk about high quality of life for all parties involved.

Plus, you won’t believe how far one dog traveled to find its way home.

You’ll Learn:

Why Cycle Touring is so much better than sitting behind a desk
How to Save money for a Cycle Touring trip
How to Make money for a trip (critical mindset shift and common tactics)
Why leaving your ‘dream job’ to travel may be the right decision
How much to budget per day on a Cycle Tour
International rules for traveling with a pet
The best ways to prepare your pet for International travel (and how much time it will take)
Best ways to deal with International veterinary services (hopefully it won’t come to this)
How to prepare yourself for ‘unprovoked assaults’ from other animals
Must-have’s when traveling with a pet (and some required items)
And so much more..

Scroll down to see some shots of Jen, Dave, and Sora biking around the world!
Get the definitive guide to International House Sitting

Resources from the show:

WWOOF- Live and Learn on Organic Farms
Location Indie
Guinness World Records
Long Haul Trekkers
The Automatic Millionaire
Warm Showers
Couch Surfing
Rose City Veterinary Hospital
How to travel with your dog from the US to Europe
Pet Travel
USDA- Animal Import and Export
Going to the Veterinarian Abroad- 6 Easy Steps
Burley Design

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