How to Design Your Bike Trip & The Future of Adventure Cycle Touring : Epic Bike Rides w/ Casey Greene

In this – the final episode of our Epic Bike Rides Week series -, I speak with Casey Greene.

Casey works as a cartographer for the Adventure Cycling Association – a non-profit organization that aims to inspire people to explore the world by bike. That means Casey gets paid to create and update maps and bike routes. What an exciting job!

Casey is also a pioneer in a new form of bike touring. In this episode, he talks about that, what it means for the future of bike touring, and how to plan the perfect bike trip.

Listen in to find out:

  • The two different ways to view adventure cycling
  • How to make a map
  • How to design an adventure
  • The best way to fly on your way to and from a bike trip
  • What pack biking is
  • The future of cycle touring
  • The most accessible bike rides for beginners
  • How the Adventure Cycling Association helps cyclists

Resources Mentioned

To listen to the other podcast episodes in this series, see the cycle touring archive.

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