No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood

Today’s podcast episode is the first in our Epic Bike Rides Week series! This week I’ll be speaking to six incredible individuals who have been on some epic bike rides. Whole families, solo females, British adventurers… We’ve got it all covered!

First up, I speak with George Mahood, who set off to cycle the full length of Great Britain with nothing but his underwear! No clothes, no money, and no bike! If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is!

In today’s episode of the podcast, you will learn:

  • Why George and Ben decided to cycle the length of Great Britain with no clothes
  • What you need to have an adventure
  • How terrible weather helped George and Ben get started
  • What George learned about money
  • What a rusty bike and a scooter taught them about appreciation
  • The worst things about having no money
  • The best things about having no money
  • Stories about some of the most unusual and generous people they met
  • That impact that cycling with less had on the usual troubles that come with bike trips
  • How George published his book about the trip
  • How they documented the trip
  • What adventure means to George
  • How George has managed to incorporate adventure into his daily life
  • How to settle back into normal life after an adventure
  • George’s advice for anyone who wants to have an adventure

Resources Mentioned

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