Solo Adventure Cycling Around The World: Epic Bike Rides With Shirine Taylor

Epic Bike Rides Week continues today with this interview with Shirine Taylor from A Wandering Photo.

Shirine is a long-term traveler who sees the world from the saddle of her bicycle. Although she now travels with her partner Kevin, she has a lot of experience of solo adventure cycling around the world, which she shares with us in this interview.

To find out the single best starter trip for a budding cyclist, as well as Shirine’s top tips for female travelers, listen to today’s podcast using the player above or by subscribing in iTunes or on Stitcher.

You will also learn:

  • The difference between lifestyle and vacation when you live on the road
  • Why Shirine likes traveling alone
  • Why Shirine wasn’t scared to travel on her own
  • Just how cheap it is to travel long-term by bike
  • The advantage of starting your trip or spending some time traveling in your own country
  • Why people help cyclists more than other travelers
  • The single best starter trip for a budding cyclist
  • Shirine’s experience of cycling on her own through India
  • Which parts of India are safest for female travelers
  • The hardest thing about cycle touring
  • How fit you need to be to travel by bike
  • The best country to start bike touring in
  • Exactly how much Shirine spends living on the road
  • Shirine’s top tips for solo female travelers

Resources Mentioned

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the third episode in our Epic Bike Rides Week series!

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