Hitchhiking: Myths, Facts and Beyond

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Hitchhiking is a truly unique form of traveling that can conjure up all types of mental images depending on your experience.

Bad Hollywood movies along with stern warnings about talking to strangers growing up would have us believe that hitchhiking is the most dangerous form of travel in the world.

The reality is, hitchhiking is an exciting, affordable and still popular way to travel.

A growing community of hitchhikers is connecting online at hitchwiki.org, a free resource with maps, information on “hitchgatherings” (worldwide hitchhiking events), advice for pros and newbies and so much more.

In this travel podcast interview, you’ll hear the inside scoop on hitchhiking from the crew at hitchwiki.org.

You’ll learn:

  • The truth about hitchhiking
  • What the best countries are for hitchhiking
  • Pros and cons of solo and group hitchhiking
  • What “hitchgatherings” are and why to consider going to one
  • How hitching helps you connect with locals
  • Why taking a short trip first is so helpful for beginners
  • Getting rides at gas stations versus thumbing it on the road
  • The best places to ask your driver to get dropped off
  • Which countries are the safest and easiest for hitchhiking
  • And so much more!

Check out hitchwiki.org, the best online resource for hitchhiking.

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