Hitchhiking: Myths, Facts and Beyond

Listen to this podcast on hitchhiking now by hitting play on the bar below. Hitchhiking is a truly unique form of traveling that can conjure up all types of mental images depending on your experience. Bad hollywood movies along with stern warnings about talking to...

How To Become a Roadie and See the World

Want to learn how to become a roadie, get paid to travel and see the world? Would you like to get behind the scenes and hear what it’s like working on a music tour? This podcast is your all access backstage pass! Ryan from This Tour Life has toured for 15+ years...
Hitchhiking Stories From Scotland

Hitchhiking Stories From Scotland

In May 2014 I had the privilege of being a part of a hitchhiking race around Scotland. Yes a race! More on that in a second… First I should let you know that my hitchin’ experience was very limited. A few short rides off a hiking trail in Costa Rica and...

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