Adventure Cycle Touring Guide

If you want the skills to bike anywhere in the world let this episode be your adventure cycle touring guide.

Ethan and Dan break down adventure cycling essentials for newbies. It’s loaded with insights, practical tips and gear recommendations that you can only learn by putting rubber to cement. (Listen to other Zero To Travel podcasts here or subscribe on iTunes) Just click on the play button under the photo at the top of this post. Bookmark this page for reference if it helps. After listening you’ll be completely prepared and fired up to hit the road.

In this episode , and you’ll learn:

  • How much gear costs and what you can expect to spend on a cycle tour
  • What types of bikes to consider and how to get going on the cheap (without sacrificing comfort)
  • The pros and cons of trailers and panniers
  • How the weight and location of your load affects your ride and what to consider
  • Why google docs is the perfect tool for planning group adventures (hint: this is the perfect solution for any trip!)
  • What you need to protect your body
  • The one creature comfort you simply can’t live without on a cycling tour
  • Options for traveling with your bike
  • How to do it on the cheap
  • And oh so much more!

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Warm Showers – A community for touring cyclists and hosts

Bike Flights – Shipping solutions for your bike

Cloud Coach – ‘Tiny Services’ for Entrepreneurs

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