How To Live Your Nomad Dream : One Family’s Epic Bike Ride

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you’ll hear how one family has been living their nomad dream and how you can plan a longer bike trip with your family.

In their words, here is how Francois, Cécile and their daughter Emma describe their nomad dream:

“Living a family adventure around the world, at the slow and active pace of our touring bikes. Living our passion for climbing and outdoor activities. Being outside in the rain, the wind, under the sun and the stars. Meeting and knowing people from everywhere and sharing their daily life. Speaking Spanish, French, English, Russian. Stepping out of our comfort zone, forgetting our habits, putting back things into perspective. Living simply, with the bare necessities, ecologically. Reading all the pages of the book. Living our dream.”

Why did they choose to do an adventure cycle tour?

“Because we just don’t imagine any other way of traveling. Simple, convenient, active and ecological, cycle touring is for us the perfect way to travel at a human pace to take time to embrace sceneries, atmospheres, silence. Exposed to all winds, bike touring is also a wide-open window to the world and a unique visa to meet other people.”

Give this podcast a listen now and you’ll learn:

  • What it is like to settle into a trip like this
  • How to deal with taking your kids out of school to travel
  • How traveling with kids can make it easier to meet locals along the way
  • What they did to prepare for this trip
  • Why cycle touring with your family is accessible
  • Why this type of trip is safe for any family
  • What magical travel moments stand out
  • Why they decided to go home after 15,000km
  • What their daily budget was and how they managed it
  • And much more!


Adventure Cycling Association

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