How To Become a Professional Adventurer & Inspirational Tales From Two Wheels: Epic Bike Rides w/ Leon McCarron

Epic Bike Rides Week continues!

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Otherwise, let’s get to today’s interview!

Today I speak with Leon McCarron about his many epic bike rides and how he become a professional adventurer.

Listen in to find out how to document your adventures while you’re on the road, how to adapt to normal life once your adventure ends, and how to get started with your first cycling trip.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s hard to adjust back to normal life after an extended trip and how to deal with that
  • Why it’s good to have some kind of home, no matter how much you travel
  • How Leon become a professional adventurer
  • The three main benefits of traveling
  • What Leon has learned from traveling
  • How Leon felt when he first set out on his bike on his own
  • What Leon got out of his first bike trip
  • How Leon decided where to do his first bike trip
  • Why you shouldn’t rule out traveling in your own country
  • How Leon sees North Americans
  • How to balance travel with a need for community
  • How to balance enjoying an experience with documenting your travels
  • What about Leon hasn’t changed despite all his traveling
  • Leon’s advice for wannabe adventurers

Resources Mentioned

If you enjoyed the interview, please visit Leon’s Kickstarter page to help him tell his latest story, A Tale Of Two Rivers: Journeys on the Karun & Santa Cruz.

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