Top 10 Road Trip Albums

What are your favorite road trip albums?

Get out on the open road and let some of your favorite jams fuel your adventure; you never know where music can take you.

I met up with my buddy and childhood friend, Jason Law to break down our Top 5 Road Trip Albums. Jason has been on the show before and he and his wife Kelly run Festy GoNuts. They’ll teach you a thing or two about music festivals and the location independent lifestyle.

Get ready for a lot of great music, a lot of great fun, and a lot of great travel.

Tune In Now To Learn:

  • A timeless album you could listen to over and over
  • A song that could take you to San Fran during the beat era
  • An album that stands the test of time
  • How you can “find your direction magnetically”
  • One of the best travel songs ever
  • How an album can bring you back to a time or place
  • Ways to create magic working around things you love
  • Honorable mentions
  • And so much more


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