7 Best Places To Live Abroad w/ Tim Leffel

Photo courtesy of Tim’s blog CheapestDestinationsBlog.com

Have you always dreamed of living abroad? What is your biggest hurdle (besides finances)?

I’m always so excited when my good friend, Tim Leffel, agrees to come back on and talk about all things ex-pat and today does not disappoint. We are getting into the nuances of living abroad, how moving overseas can dramatically change your day to day life, the financial impact of moving abroad, how moving abroad can give you more freedoms to create, Tim’s best advice for finding a place that matches your interests, and who this isn’t for. That last piece may be the most important if you are truly thinking about making a leap to a life abroad because Tim is offering up some compelling arguments for the types of people who maybe should NOT be spending extended time overseas.

Did your dream place make the list? Did any of the places we discuss move to the top of your list and why? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Tune In To Learn:

  • 08:45 The Silver Lining To This Disaster (Remote Working)
  • 10:40 Differences On Your Day To Day Life & Finances
  • 12:00 Best Advice For Finding The Right Place & Living Abroad
  • 17:05 Best Resources For The Logistical Side Of Things
  • 19:15 The Ex-pat Bubble: Pros & Cons
  • 22:45 Living Abroad Opens You To More Creativity
  • 24:50 Slowing Down To Be More Productive
  • 27:00 Why Language Learning Improves Your Experiences
  • 29:15 What Should You Do Prior To Arriving & What Can Wait Til After
  • 34:15 Living In The America’s – The Best Options
  • 39:20 European Options For Living Abroad
  • 42:45 Georgia On My Mind
  • 44:10 Asia Locations & New Visas
  • 45:00 Staying Longer in Europe Following The Visa Rules
  • 47:45 Countries Marketing To Digital Nomads Through Visa’s
  • 53:30 A Better Life For Half The Price
  • And so much more


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