Top 24 World’s Cheapest Destinations 2018: Part One

What are some of the World’s cheapest destinations?

I hope your bucket list isn’t too set in stone, because after listening to this episode, you are going to want to reorder it. You are going to be tempted to add a whole bunch of things to it as you hear about the World’s Top 24 Cheapest Destinations (today is part one).

Who doesn’t love wanderlust? I have a feeling you are going to get very excited today when you hear from my guest Tim Leffel. He helps people find the cheapest places to travel and THE best places around the world to live or base yourself (for less).

Check out his award-winning website and travel writing at The Cheapest Destinations Blog. He is also the author of A Better Life For Half The Price – an outstanding resource and quite an entertaining book.

Let’s get right into it!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to recognize “cheap destinations” for your lifestyle
  • The easiest place to hang out as a tourist without getting a residency visa
  • How to find the right balance between foreigners and the local culture
  • Where to find the retirement capital of South America (for foreigners)
  • The best resource for buying real estate internationally
  • One of the best places to stay for 6 months every year (on a tourist visa)
  • Where to find the cheapest food, booze, and rent in Latin America
  • What European city has the most places where you’d say “I could live here”
  • Where to find cheap skiing in Eastern Europe
  • The place to find the best wine in Europe that you’ve never heard of
  • One of the cheapest places to buy real estate in the world
  • Where Americans can stay an entire year on a tourist visa


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