Life-Changing Trips, Interviewing Music Legends, Backpacking the World, and Fostering Transformative Connections with Tony Fletcher

Do you want to create your own path and build a life around your passions?

Today I’m joined by author Tony Fletcher to talk about his experience interviewing music legends and his lessons from backpacking the world.

Tony has lived an incredible life, building a career around his passion for writing and music. He’s conducted over 1,000 interviews and has written several best-selling biographies of famous musicians like Keith Moon, Wilson Pickett, R.E.M., and The Smiths.

In this episode, Tony shares what it was like to run a fanzine at 13 and the importance of getting out of your comfort zone. He gives valuable insight on how to connect with others on a deeper level, how travel can lead to profound reflection, and his #1 tip for maximizing your next travel experience.

Do you have a life-changing travel moment? I’d love to hear your story and hope you will share it by sending me an audio message.


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Tune in to Learn:

  • Tony’s experience living in New York City and writing a book on the music scene 
  • How Tony discovered his passion for writing and what led to starting a fanzine
  • What it was like to interview Paul McCartney
  • How to open up conversation and create deeper connections
  • Tony’s life-changing experience at Burning Man and backpacking the world with his family
  • How travel can force reflection and transformation
  • The importance of living outside your comfort zone and what writing has taught Tony
  • What he misses the most about British culture
  • And so much more


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