Immersion Travel: Becoming A Porter In Nepal w/ Nate Menninger

Photo courtesy of The Porter Film via Instagram

As a traveler what is the best thing you can do to have a richer and fuller experience and a closer connection with the countries you are visiting?

Today’s guest is Nate Menninger who traveled to Nepal and talked his way into working one of the world’s toughest jobs, being a porter in the Himalayas & the subsequent film on his experience. This job is not for the weak and includes carrying crazy amounts of bags for trekkers and getting supplies to the small villages that are in need so the strength is both physical and mental. He is one of the first foreign-born people to take on this job and we get into the dynamics that this caused, how this relates to his overall travel experience and the surprising thing he did right after working with the porters in Nepal plus how he was able to learn the language enough to create meaningful conversations so quickly.

What trip had the biggest impact on your life? What were the changes you felt after returning home? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Zero To Travel Podcast Immersion Travel: Becoming A Porter In Nepal w/ Nate Menninger

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:15 Running With The Bulls, Diving In Belize, & Free Housing in South America
  • 19:50 The Art Of F’ Perfection
  • 24:30 Speaking The Language
  • 28:45 The Vow Of Silence & It’s Effects On The Body & Mind
  • 35:10 A Crash Course In Empathy
  • 40:45 The Dichotomy of Porter to Hollywood
  • 42:50 Breaking Into The World Of Being A Filmmaker & A Porter
  • 48:30 The 101 Of Being A Porter & Being A Responsible Traveler
  • 56:25 What Should We Do When We Go To Nepal?
  • 59:00 Most Surprising Aspect Of Being A Porter
  • 01:01:10 Being Accepted By Other Porters or Not
  • 01:05:35 Why Authentic Travel Should Matter To You?
  • 01:09:50 What’s Next?
  • And so much more


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