Travel as a Force for Good, the Role of Travel Media, and Uncrowded Destinations to Visit with AFAR Co-Founder Greg Sullivan

What effect do you want your travels to have on the world?

Today I’m joined by Co-Founder and CEO of AFAR, Greg Sullivan.

AFAR is an award-winning travel media brand making a positive impact on the world through high-quality storytelling that inspires, empowers, and enriches travelers who care.

In this episode, Greg gives us his take on the state of travel, the roles and responsibilities of travel media, and how travel is a force for good. He shares the destinations you should consider visiting before they get too crowded and business advice for working remotely and getting started in the travel industry.

Has travel made you more empathetic? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • Why Greg dropped everything to go back to school and his experience studying abroad in his 40s
  • The conclusions he came to through studying philosophy and ethics and how travel is the best teacher of all
  • Greg’s core values as an individual and how travel influences your ethics
  • How AFAR came to be and the transformative trip that sparked this journey
  • The early days of AFAR and the challenges of running a magazine
  • The meaning behind their mission of travel as a force for good
  • When travel media does more harm than good and the biggest issues in travel media and tourism
  • When it’s better to stay home
  • How AI will change the industry
  • Greg’s experience with failure and advice for working remotely, managing a distributed team, and scaling a company
  • His thoughts on living in balance and protecting your time
  • Advice for finding your place in the travel industry
  • Choosing to visit places during moments of radical change
  • Destinations that exceeded Greg’s expectations and a moment that changed his thoughts on travel 
  • And so much more


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