Traveling While Black w/ Nanjala Nyabola

How has fear held you back in life and in travel? What is your relationship with fear after travel?

Today’s guest is writer, humanitarian advocate, and political analyst, Nanjala Nyabola. She is also the author of a must-read book, Travelling While Black: Essays Inspired By A Life On The Move which we do get into a bit in this chat and that you can pre-order right now!

In this episode, we dive into giving back as a traveler, the impact that travel can have on your relationship with fear, privilege, and why you can and should do many varied things in life (no niching required).

What is in your travel box? What does the experience look like? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at [email protected].

Tune In To Learn:

  • 07:30 Meaning & Power Behind A Name
  • 10:30 Defining A Mission For Yourself Authentically
  • 13:15 Travelling While Black
  • 18:35 Privilege: Doing Your Part For Change
  • 22:10 Bearing Witness & Making Room For People To Work Together
  • 26:20 How Can I Make Travel Connected To The Stories Of The World
  • 29:35 Wrestling With Travel vs The Environmental Impacts
  • 34:25 Environmental Alternatives Can Enhance The Travel Experience
  • 38:05 Why Your Values Will & Should Guide You In Decisions
  • 39:15 Opening Hearts & Borders To Asylum Seekers
  • 46:40 How The Media Fails Us
  • 54:10 How Travel Changed Your Relationship With Fear
  • 58:55 Learning About Yourself: What Is Your Song?
  • 01:01:30 Separating Travel For Travel’s Sake & The Business Of Travel
  • And so much more


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