The Slow Travel Philosophy + Traveling As A Black Woman with Oneika Raymond

What does slow traveling mean to you and why should you
consider it?

How does slow travel change your overall travel

In today’s episode, you’ll hear all about slow travel, teaching
overseas, and how the color of someone’s skin affects their travel

You’ll learn quite a bit from today’s guest- a total travel
junkie and serial ex-pat- Oneika Raymond. She has visited over 80
countries on 6 continents (and counting!). She is also an
entertaining and refreshingly honest travel writer, blogger, and
teacher. Check out her work at Oneika The

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Listen Now to Learn:

  • What creates the most dramatic changes in your travel
  • How to bring your cultural mores and values to another
  • How to have a relationship while fulfilling your travel
  • Why teaching is a great vehicle if you want to keep
  • How traveling while black is different
  • Where to find inspiration to do something completely foreign
    (think outside the box)
  • Why people of color experience a lack of representation
  • How ‘one-upmanship’ in the travel world does not foster
    learning or growth
  • Proof you can have a career while traveling the world
  • And much more!


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