Solo Travel, Coffee and Blackpacking w/ Jarika Johnson

Today’s guest is Jarika Johnson from the Blackpacking Podcast and on the show, we discuss everything from our love of coffee to the art of solo travel. Jarika has been to over 20 countries and has never traveled with someone so that makes her an expert in the field & why I couldn’t wait to have her on the show. We take a dive into the introspective nature of solo travel, lessons you can learn about the world & about yourself, the black traveler experience, and why we have an underrepresentation in the traveling community. I had a blast chatting with Jarika and I can’t wait to have her on again!

Tune In To Learn:

  • 5:30 For The Love Of Coffee
  • 10:30 The Story Behind the Blackpacking Podcast
  • 12:50 Why Solo Travel & Lessons Learned
  • 17:30 Processing  & Reflecting On Your Trip
  • 20:20 Sharing The Stories Of Black Travelers
  • 25:55 Why Is Their Underrepresentation?
  • 25:20 Racism: World vs. America
  • 30:00 Homesteading vs Nomading
  • 33:45 What’s Next?
  • 35:15 Budget Travel Tips
  • 37:05 Places Loved That Were Surprises
  • And so much more


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