The Location Free Lifestyle With Melody from Black Digital Nomad

How can Black Digital Nomad help you?

What is one thing you absolutely need to do to succeed at becoming location independent?…. So you can have the freedom to travel without limits.

My guest today is the founder of Black Digital Nomad, where her mission is to inspire people of color to work from anywhere in the world. She is also a Facebook ad strategist and today you are going to hear about the remote work lifestyle, what it takes to make it, how to leverage Facebook to grow your business, and a ton more.

Please welcome Melody Thomas to the show!

Tune In To Learn:

  • The main benefit of solo travel
  • Good piece of advice to follow if you are lost
  • How to deal with racial microaggressions
  • An excellent way to grow your business and put yourself out there
  • The best way to be successful using Facebook ads
  • How to make your business truly work
  • The most precious asset for a digital nomad
  • How to increase your chances of running your business full time
  • One major mindset shift that you need to make (to create success)


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