Hitting The Reset Button On Life Through Travel

Do you think you can hit the reset button on your life?

Can you do this through travel?

My guest today says she is an “adventurist” with a deep love for travel. Her wanderlust has taken her to over 43 countries and last year she completed a three and a half month-long trip to 23 countries (in all 7 continents!).

And she just released a book about her travels, From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life.

Please welcome Dr. Quinta to the show.

Today you’ll hear all about:

  • How to get to Antarctica on the cheap
  • What around the world flights can do for you
  • How to manage solo travel when you are married or in a relationship
  • Plus so much more

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to gain confidence and courage to put yourself out there
  • Why you have to do it now (tomorrow is not guaranteed)
  • How to be proud of your life history
  • The not so secret, secret about travel and life
  • How to get half off your cruise to Antarctica
  • General solo travel tips
  • Ways to make peace with yourself


Zero To Travel Podcast Hitting The Reset Button On Life Through Travel

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