Cultivating Your Creativity Through Travel w/ Jillian & Chris

Today’s episode we are getting into why creativity is interwoven with travel so profoundly. We are all creative beings but at some points in our lives we can lose sight of that or we forget that due to doubts and fears but creativity lives within us all and travel is one of the best conduits back to it. It is time that we give ourselves permission to do something that we maybe didn’t feel we could or should be doing like traveling the world or creating amazing works of art.

Jillian & Chris Amatt help us identify what it means to be an artist, creative &/or entrepreneur, and how you show up differently in the world once you give yourself permission to be that. We also take a look at how to break out of the debt cycle, how small gestures can be the most impactful, and how you too can be a travel “swiss army knife” just like Jillian & Chris.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • 11:10 The Intention For Living An Artistic Life
  • 12:15 Starting As A Child & The Small Gestures
  • 17:45 Embracing Your Artistry & Giving Yourself Permission
  • 20:50 Where Does Creativity Come From?
  • 24:00 Selling Everything To Travel The World & The Debt Cycle
  • 32:20 Liberation & The Financials
  • 37:20 The Art of Housesitting
  • 39:00 Pre-Planning vs Figuring It Out While On The Road (With Debt)
  • 43:00 Highlights From Full Time Travel
  • 48:45 Slow Travel vs. The Go-Go-Go Lifestyle
  • 52:05 The Travel “Swiss Army Knife” & Advice On How To Do It
  • 54:05 How Does Manifesting Work?
  • 56:50 Best Online Resources For This Lifestyle
  • 59:20 Advice On Living A Life Of Travel
  • 01:01:32 Being Adaptable & What Do They Like Best
  • 01:03:10 Most Important & Profound Things You Have Learned About Yourself & Each Other
  • And so much more


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