What Does “Home” Mean For Nomads w/ Diego Bejarano Gerke

Zero To Travel Podcast What Does “Home” Mean For Nomads? w/ Diego Bejarano Gerke

What is “home”? If you are or were a digital nomad, where would you call home?

The idea of “home” is an interesting one because while I am from the US, I now live in Norway but I used to travel full-time so where would I call home. Today’s guest is someone who was raised all over the world and now runs one of the most popular co-living & co-working entrepreneurial travel programs out there today, Diego Bejarano Gerke from Wifi Tribe. Diego helps like-minded adventurers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and location-independent people be successful citizens of the world as they develop their businesses by learning from each other and create a constellation of friendships that can last a lifetime.

I am so excited to partner with HomeExchange.com who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 08:50 How Traveling Young Affects You Later In Life
  • 09:50 What Is The Norweigan Russefeiring (The Russ)?
  • 12:30 The Cultural Draws From Living In Multiple Places
  • 15:30 What Is “Home”?
  • 19:20 Pro’s & Cons of Moving Abroad Often With Kids
  • 24:30 The Entrepreneurial Startup Life
  • 31:30 Redesigning Your Lifestyle
  • 36:30 Tips For Negotiating For Remote Work
  • 40:20 What Makes A Successful Remote or Location Independent Worker?
  • 42:10 What Are The Most Successful Business Trends
  • 40:55 Finding Balance Between Work & Personal Time
  • 49:50 Favorite Spots For Co-Living & Co-Working
  • And so much more


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