World Towning: 5 Years Of Full Time Travel

Have you heard of World Towning?

Is travel the ultimate test of any relationship?

Today you are in for a real treat as The World Towners visit my apartment in Oslo, Norway for an in-home interview.

Their goal as the World Towners is to share what they are doing as a full-time traveling family to help empower others who want to lead this lifestyle.

You’ll hear so much valuable information and tips about their full-time 5-year (going on 6) travel experience that you’ll see how it could be possible for you.  And you’ll learn how to push through the dark times to make it happen.

Tune In To Learn:

  • What it takes to bring an entire family on the road
  • How to prepare for full-time travel
  • The realities of life on the road
  • How full-time travel can change you as a person
  • Tip on how to get an RV in Europe (without a European address)
  • The main catalyst to make a change (and decide to create your desired lifestyle)
  • Ways to create time for self-introspection
  • Why being stripped of your routine can be a good thing
  • And so much more!


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