Ireland: An Insider’s Tour of the Emerald Isle with National Geographic Author Jack Kavanagh

Is Ireland on your list of places to visit?

Today I’m joined by National Geographic tour leader and author Jack Kavanagh to give us the scoop on his homeland of Ireland.  

Jack Kavanagh is an expert traveler, journalist, writer, and tour leader for National Geographic Expeditions. He has worked as an editor for National Geographic International Editions and was the senior editor for National Geographic Books. Jack is the author of National Geographic Complete National Parks of Europe and is currently writing a book about Unesco World Heritage Sites. His newest book, Always Ireland: An Insider’s Tour of the Emerald Isle, offers the ultimate insider’s tour of Ireland’s most iconic sites. 

This episode will make you want to jump on a plane and head straight to The Land of Saints and Scholars. Jack shares his insight into all things Ireland, from the culture and where to find the best traditional music to the less-touristed road trips worth taking. You’ll learn why chatting and daydreaming are Ireland’s two unofficial past times, which festivals are worth a visit, where to find some of the best nature, and plenty more!

Where in Ireland are you headed to first? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • Jack’s life in Philadelphia and experiencing Ireland with fresh eyes
  • How Jack carved out his career, his new book, and why he considers it a ‘dreamer’s guide’
  • Jack’s advice on trip planning and driving around Ireland
  • The importance of talking with locals and leaving a day for nothing
  • Why the Irish are great storytellers
  • The best places to get out in nature 
  • The culture around music and the best pubs for live music
  • My favorite travel moments in Ireland
  • Jack’s favorite road trips, the quintessential Irish pub experience, and the town you don’t want to miss
  • The future of tourism in Ireland and the rise of film tourism (Star Wars festival?!)
  • Local festivals that most travelers never experience
  • The Irish food revolution and must-try dishes
  • What Jack is chatting and daydreaming about these days
  • And so much more


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Photo by John Finkelstein on Unsplash

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