How To Exchange Your Home For Free Accommodations Around The World w/ Emmanual Arnaud

Today we are talking about how you can get plugged into a community that can get you free accommodations around the world with CEO of, Emmanual Arnaud.  While we are still in the midst of the COVID pandemic so you may not be going overseas right now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning all your future travels today. Emmanual & I  will be diving into how HomeExchange works, bust some myths, and how they are making sure you stay safe and well taken care of throughout your travels.

We are so excited to partner with and make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:30 Growing Up In France & The U.S.
  • 11:50 The Not So Typical Places In France
  • 13:40 Best Long Distance Hikes
  • 17:50 Passion For Travel Begins & Hiking In Mongolia
  • 24:00 Sustainable Development As A Passion
  • 30:00 Core Values & HomeExchange Beginnings
  • 37:00 How Does HomeExchange Work
  • 41:00 Safety, Community, & An Even Playing Field
  • 47:35 Authentic Experiences & The Sharing Economy
  • 52:05 Do You Have To Own A Home To Participate
  • 54:20 Costs
  • 01:04:00 HomeExchange In The Era of COVID-19
  • And so much more


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