Why Flying Is Miserable (And How To Fix It) With Ganesh Sitaraman

From economic turbulence and overworked employees to the issues that affect everyday travelers, like delays, cancellations, lost luggage, and reduced routes – it’s safe to say the airport experience has gotten pretty rough!

Ganesh Sitaraman is on a mission to improve the airline industry for travelers, and his new book Why Flying Is Miserable: And How to Fix It lays out a plan for how leaders could fix flying to serve more people more efficiently and with fewer federal bailouts and headaches.

Ganesh is a Doctor of Law from Harvard and is currently a Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School. He’s a policy expert who teaches and writes about constitutional law, the regulatory state, economic policy, democracy, and foreign affairs. 

In this episode, Ganesh and I unpack some of these problems with the US airline industry and take a look at the potential solutions through the eyes of a policy expert. While policy reform might not be something you thought you’d ever get excited about, you’re going to be after listening to this episode!

How can airline reform create a better travel experience for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and hope you’ll share by sending me an audio message.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How we got to where we are and the issue with unregulated air travel
  • The biggest lesson for the industry to take away from the pandemic
  • Why the current system’s overall higher prices with fewer routes due to less competition is no longer working
  • The surprising role that airports play in the airline system, who it hurts, and why
  • Why the industry in its present state is bad for geographic equality and economic growth 
  • His three-point plan for fixing flying and how the solution plays into climate change
  • How he envisions AI playing out in the industry and the potential downsides for travelers 
  • What it was like behind the scenes of a presidential campaign and how it’s inspired his work
  • His advice on opening someone up to an idea and what you can do to make a difference in policy reform
  • And so much more


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Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

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