When Is the Best Time to Book a Flight (In 2024) With Christie Hudson

When is the best time to book a flight? It’s the million-dollar question, and Christie Hudson from Expedia is with us today to answer just that! 

In this episode, Christie shares the secrets to getting the best flight deals based on the 2024 Air Hacks Report. You’ll learn what day of the week you should purchase your tickets, how far in advance to book international and domestic flights, and plenty of other tactics to ensure you’re saving as much as possible on your travels in the coming year. We talk about ticket price fluctuations, trending destinations, and other stats related to this report that aren’t published anywhere else, so you do NOT want to miss this episode.

Which of these flight hacks are you trying out for your next trip? Send me an audio message, and let me know!


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Tune In To Learn:

  • How she accidentally wound up in PR and what made her fall in love with travel
  • Why you can trust Expedia’s Air Travel Hacks Report
  • The fluctuation of ticket prices and demand in 2024
  • How far in advance you should book domestic and international flights from the US
  • The pros and cons of booking with a travel platform (and does incognito mode make a difference?)
  • The cheapest day to book your flights
  • The key way to save during peak weekends and the best day to travel
  • How to minimize your chances of a flight cancelation
  • The most popular and trending destinations for US and UK travelers
  • What makes packing for a trip so stressful, according to the reports (Can you relate?!)
  • The major differences in booking flights for non-US markets
  • And so much more


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