Silence In The Age Of Noise With Legendary Explorer Erling Kagge

What an incredible show today as I sit down (in person) and chat with legendary explorer and adventurer Erling Kagge; a man of many firsts.

Back in 1990, he reached the north pole without support as part of a two-man team (they were the very first people to do that).  Then in 1992-93, he did a solo unsupported expedition to the south pole (he was the first person to ever do that).  He spent 50 days walking alone across Antarctica with no contact with anyone.  And he also climbed Mt. Everest in 1994, which made him the first person to complete the 3 Poles Challenge on foot.  Back in 2010, he did a 5-day long walk through the sewers of NY to the Atlantic Ocean.  And in 2012, he walked the entire length of LA’s sunset boulevard.

We talk about his book Silence: In the Age of Noise, why silence is such an important part of our lives as humans, walking, travel of course, and a whole lot more.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 7:54 Huge Misunderstanding About Today
  • 13:22 New Attitude For Erling Kagge
  • 15:19 One Secret To Have a Good Life
  • 16:57 The Best Things About Walking
  • 22:30 What You Can Hear In Silence
  • 28:25 Things To Make Your Life More Difficult
  • 38:10 How To Transition From Adventuring To Publishing
  • 45:23 One Of The Most Underestimated Feelings You Can Have
  • 46:38 The Best Parts Of The Writing Process
  • 49:59 How You Know When To Move On
  • 56:20 Advice If You Are Thinking About Traveling Or Exploring
  • And so much more


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