How To Create A Successful App, Travel by Sailboat, and The Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s Mindset w/ Dane Homenick

How do you easily capture travel memories?

Speaking of capturing travel memories….that is exactly what my friend Dane Homenick’s app does.

Dane spent years living on a sailboat and has built one of the biggest travel apps out there called Journo.  You’ll hear all about sailing around the world, running a lifestyle business, why gratitude is so important, money mindset, and the concept of living mini lives within your life.  He gives a bunch of tips on how you can get started with your first or next location independent business, and a whole lot more!

Tune In To Learn:

  • 10:54 How The #1 Travel Journal App Came About
  • 12:48 Scratching Your Own Itch
  • 13:47 Passion Behind Journo HQ
  • 15:33 How To Become Smarter When Building Apps
  • 21:40 Ways To Improve Your Money Mindset
  • 26:55 How To Get Into Sailing
  • 33:38 Expert App Development Advice
  • 45:11 General Cost Of Building The Smallest App
  • 49:47 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building An App
  • 52:28 Keyword Research To Rank In The App Store
  • 59:10 Forever As You Want It To Be
  • 1:00:36 Sailing Puns
  • And so much more


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