Why Black Americans Are Moving Abroad With Chrishan Wright

What is the Blaxit movement, and why are Black Americans deciding to move abroad?

Chrishan Wright is a leader at the forefront of the Blaxit movement and the founder of Blaxit Global, a visionary platform dedicated to empowering the African diaspora to pursue a life abroad. She is also the host of the Blaxit Global Podcast, featuring inspiring conversations with trailblazing Black expats who left their country of origin out of fear or frustration to live out their wildest dreams abroad.

Chrishan unpacks this question and shares insight into the movement’s current and future direction. As an expat living in Portugal, we also get into her #1 strategy for setting yourself up for happiness with a move abroad, advice for living abroad as an introvert, and some of the best destinations to move to.

Are you considering a move abroad? I’d love to hear why and where you’re headed! Send me an audio message and let me know.


Tune In To Learn:

  • How to structure a scouting trip and why it’s essential to get into the mindset of a local before settling on your new home country
  • Her experience living abroad and why she feels more embraced in foreign countries
  • What’s led to the Blaxit movement and her experiences with racism and “othering”
  • How moving abroad can lift barriers and allow for new opportunities (no matter who you are)
  • How her daily life has improved and why she considers this past year a “return to self”
  • Why she considers herself a “travelvert” and how living abroad has challenged her beliefs about herself and others
  • Advice for finding opportunities and taking risks when transitioning into a new endeavor
  • The most popular destinations that Black Americans are moving to
  • What she misses most about living in the States (her and I both!)
  • And so much more


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