Crossing the USA With Two Mules, Slow Travel Bliss, and Simple Living With Bernie Harberts

Today, I’m joined by Bernie Harberts to learn how spilling a cup of coffee led him to a life of simplicity, slow travel, and being one of the only people in America to spend over 1,000 days and nights traveling by horse and mule.

Bernie is an author, filmmaker, adventurer, and speaker. He prides himself on tackling big trips in small bites, which means using no-frills equipment, asking for help along the way, and not waiting until perfection to take off on a journey.

In this episode, Bernie shares his experience traveling by mule, sailing around the world, and riding around Tasmania on a $10 bike. You’ll learn about his philosophy around slow travel and why it’s the most natural way to experience the world, and we have a deeper conversation about evolving with travel. 

Is travel essential to your personal evolution? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • Why he chose to live in a 500 sq. ft. cabin in the mountains of North Carolina 
  • His advice for maintaining a strong relationship while traveling independently
  • How he went from corporate sales to sailing around the world
  • Why it’s important to allow yourself to evolve and thrive through uncertainty 
  • The spontaneity of slow travel and how to lean on strangers without imposing
  • How an album cover led to him traveling by mule cart across Newfoundland
  • How he balances a slower pace of life with documenting his work in the modern world
  • How travel can give you a stronger connection to home and why the intention behind your travel matters 
  • Why we need to disconnect and spend more time “watching the hive”
  • What makes Nebraska a fascinating experience
  • And so much more


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