Antarctica: Living And Working On The Frozen Continent w/ Leah & Zach

Has Antarctica on your list of places you want to go to? How about live & work?

Learn what it’s like to live and work on Antarctica and how you can visit the frozen continent from two awesome people who have spent 5 months there, Zach & Leah. We discuss what life is like on a daily basis, what the culture is like, what the travel experience is like from such a remote place, what it’s like to work there, how much can you earn and what kind of positions can you find down there. We covered a lot in this 70-minute episode so what did you find the most interesting? Would you ever want to live and work in Antarctica?

Today’s episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Travel South Dakota which have the best free guide all about the beautiful state of South Dakota. 

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:50 Starting The Journey Of Mixing Travel & Work
  • 14:30 Quitting A Job You Love & One You Hate
  • 20:30 Tips For Transitioning To A Life On The Road & Saving Money
  • 26:15 The Hardest Part Of Telling Friends & Family That You’re Leaving
  • 29:00 Compromising & The Unexpected Surprises
  • 36:00 Extending The Trip Financially
  • 38:15 How To Get To Antarctica & Where To Find Job Opportunities
  • 41:30 The Pay, The Living Expenses & The Toll Antarctica Takes On Your Mind & Body
  • 44:30 What Was The Experience Truly Like There
  • 48:15 Change In Habits & Reverse Culture Shock
  • 51:40 Effects Of Climate Change & Intense Recycling
  • 55:45 Traveling Sustainably Conundrum
  • 57:50 New Zealand Road Tripping
  • And so much more


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