Ex-Patting In Latin America With Lily Ann Fouts

Have you ever thought about Ex-Patting?

Today my friend Lily Ann Fouts stops by to give you tons of tips, strategies, and advice for Ex-patting in Latin America.

Lily is a multi-talented writer, author, and long-time traveler who has lived on every continent except Asia ( including Antarctica!). When she and her husband are not out roaming the planet, they are living full time in a motor-home around the USA. She is also the chief adventure scribe of our community Location Indie.

Get more info about Lily here and be sure to check out her book, Live Like a Local in Loja: An Expat Experience in Ecuador

Tune In To Learn:

  • How best to settle-in anywhere and have a true local experience
  • Why you need to practice responsible ex-patting
  • Tips on where figuring out where to go
  • Top reason Loja is intriguing
  • How to successfully integrate yourself as an ex-pat into a community
  • One of the most underrated travel tips (to lead you to the best spot)
  • The one thing that is a powerful bridge to a better experience
  • How to truly connect with locals
  • Language learning resources
  • Tips for picking up a language (faster)
  • How long you can stay in Latin America (visa options)
  • And much more!


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