Travel Tactics Part 4: How to Travel Indefinitely : Zero To Travel Podcast

Travel Tactics is back! This series is all about how to travel for as long as you want to, by getting free flights and accommodation and by building a business that you can run from anywhere.

In this episode, I speak with Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts, Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, and Rob from Making It Anywhere.

We discuss who should and shouldn’t try travel hacking, why you should trade work for accommodation, and which type of business you should start if you want to make it anywhere.

You will learn:

The top 3 things that will keep you traveling for as long as you want
What travel hacking is
Who should and shouldn’t start travel hacking
How travel hacking with credit cards affects your credit score
How to get free accommodation around the world
The worst places Nora Dunn has ever slept
How Nora got a job working in a hostel
The advantages of working in exchange for accommodation
How to make the leap to running a location independent business
How to do an audit of your skills
Which type of business it’s best to start with
What kind of timeframe is realistic for making it anywhere

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