Travel Tactics 3 : How to Extend Any Trip, Learn Languages & Use Tech to Get Cheap Flights

Want to learn a variety of amazing travel skills in one short travel podcast episode?

Then you’ll love our series: Travel Tactics.

This is the final episode with our first panel. You can listen to the first and second episodes here and here.

In this episode, Benny Lewis teaches us how to immerse ourselves in a language when we’re not in a country that uses that language.

Dave Dean tells us how to use technology to get cheaper flights.

Wandering Earl shares his best tips for extending trips.

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to immerse yourself in a language wherever you are
  • The best free language learning tools
  • How to connect with locals in a foreign language
  • What Esperanto is and why you should learn it
  • Your first word in Esperanto
  • How to meet locals and improve your languages at the same time
  • Why Dave likes Sayulita, Mexico
  • One simple change you can make to find cheaper flights online
  • The paid and free tools you can use to find cheaper flights
  • Why you should always use flight comparison sites
  • How and why Earl’s style of travel has changed over the years
  • Why having a base while you travel might be a good idea

Resources Mentioned

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