Transition To Travel: Before and After w/ Sofia and Teague

Do you ever wonder whether the idea of long-term travel or the nomadic lifestyle matches up with the reality of it?

Today you will get a blast from the past as we revisit the audio snapshot of one couple’s transition to travel journey.

Come along with Sofia and Teague as they share what it was like right before their journey started, including the process of leaving their careers and the prep work required for a transition to full-time travel. They catch us up after traveling the world for a year, sharing how they changed as individuals, as a couple, and how their lives transformed.

Zero To Travel Podcast Sofia With An Elephant Transition To Travel

Zero To Travel Podcast Transition To Travel- Before and After With Sofia and Teague

How do you use big picture thinking to accomplish all of your travel and life goals? I’d love to hear your story and hope you will share it by sending me an audio message.

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Today’s episode is being sponsored by the amazing folks over at Wildly Goods which helps to keep me (and my feet) ridiculously comfortable and blister-free through all seasons. This episode is also sponsored by US Bank’s Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card, with the ability to earn up to 5x the points on travel-related expenses like hotels, and rental cars, this card will get you the most return on your next trip. 

Tune In To Learn:

  • One of the biggest struggles when leaving your job
  • Highly recommended action that feels so good (even if you are not traveling)
  • A good way to integrate into the local economy
  • How to truly appreciate how other people live
  • A super important part of planning travel
  • How to adjust to living out of a backpack
  • One sign of a good trip
  • When you know you are no longer in vacation mode
  • One of the healthiest things you can get out of travel
  • Major realizations after long term travel
  • What affirms the basic decency of human beings
  • The ultimate relationship crucible
  • One of the most valuable things about travel


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