America’s Greatest Road Trip! Key West to Deadhorse: 9,000 Miles Across Backroad USA With Tom Cotter

Today, I’m joined by author Tom Cotter to learn about his experience taking the most epic American road trip from Key West, Florida, to Deadhorse, Alaska!

Tom is no stranger to road trips, having traced Route 66 in a 1939 Ford Woody wagon and following the Lincoln Highway coast to coast behind the wheel of a 1926 Model T. Popularly known as “The Barn Find Hunter,” Tom travels around the country in search of hidden classic car collections and has his own series on YouTube with Hagerty Media.

Tom shares why he decided to get off the interstate and travel off-grid and what he learned along the way. You’ll hear his advice on what type of vehicle setup is best for a massive road trip like this, how one of the “crusty” cowboy towns he ended up in turned out to be one of his favorite experiences, the least impressive spot he visited (which might surprise you), why he hates using a GPS or doing research before he travels, and a ton more.

What’s the longest road trip you’ve taken? I’d love to hear your experience and hope you’ll share by sending me an audio message.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • How he balanced being present with documenting the travel experience
  • The lesson he learned at a Chinese restaurant that he’ll remember for the rest of his life
  • What inspired the book, why they traveled in the vehicle they did, and what he learned from it
  • How he was able to build a life around his passions and what success means for him
  • Why he prefers not to do any research before a trip
  • The experience that made him fall in love with a dirty, dreary small town in Montana
  • What he was relieved to learn about people in America and something he didn’t expect driving through Canada
  • His top 3 hidden gems and advice for making a great road trip
  • And so much more


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