What Happens When You Die? (Part Two): A Journey to the Other Side with Peter Panagore

What happens when you die? This is part two of my interview with Peter Panagore, who is sharing the incredible stories of his not one but two near-death experiences. In this episode, you’ll hear about what happened the second time he died and how it’s changed how he goes through life.

We talk about the difficulties of living as your new authentic self after having a transformational experience and go even deeper into questions around death, mysticism, enlightenment, and what Peter describes as “the union experience.” I encourage you to keep an open mind while you listen to our fascinating conversation!

What did you take from Peter’s story? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I hope you’ll share by sending me an audio message.

Peter Panagore

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Tune In To Learn

  • What led him to pursue his Master of Divinity from Yale
  • The experience of needing to tone down who you are when you no longer feel like you fit in 
  • Do we need religious frameworks to have a moral society, and how his moral frameworks fell away after coming back from death
  • How he experienced “hell” during his near-death experience
  • What made him joyous about his second death, and why he chose to stay
  • How his NDE affected his career as a writer and TV personality, and how that led to his YouTube channel
  • How his desire to go “home” impacted his family and why talking about death is so taboo
  • What he feels it means to be enlightened and to awaken
  • Why NDErs have varying (yet similar) experiences and what that could mean
  • The lessons that have come out of his experience and how they’ve helped him in his everyday life
  • And so much more

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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