Lessons From Caring for the Dying and Bike Packing 18 Countries With Jerry Kopack

If you were given a gift of time, how would you use it?

Jerry Kopack is an author, speaker, and recovering cubicle dweller. After doing his time in corporate America, he founded and ran a hospice for 10 years. Through serving patients at the end of their lives, Jerry learned the greatest lesson, one not found in any business school or cubicle – the value of time.

In this episode, Jerry shares what he’s learned from caring for the dying and how that led to building a life of travel and bike packing around the globe. You’ll learn why he refers to his corporate career as “soulless” and how he unexpectedly discovered his passion for hospice care, how a two-month bike tour turned into nearly two years, and the invaluable insights he discovered about himself and the human experience along the way.

Are you using your time well? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.


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Tune In To Learn:

  • What it was like biking the hectic streets of India and tips to get started in bike touring
  • What led Jerry to break up with corporate America and transition to running a hospice with his mom
  • The concept of having a time bank and why the travel mentality of always saying ‘yes’ is so important 
  • How biking helped lead Jerry back to himself and allow him to process grief
  • The difference between bike touring and bike packing
  • What his experience in the least expected destination taught him about kindness and connection
  • Jerry’s best advice for planning a tour in remote destinations
  • How he’s balancing travel with the need for financial stability
  • And so much more


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