World Tour for Climate Change: Hitchhiking, Biking, and Low-Carbon Travel With Megan Routbort

Megan Routbort is one half of a French-American duo on a mission to tell stories of optimism about the people working to find solutions against climate change. At the time of this recording, they’re six months into their three-year voyage, visiting “climate hotspots” and exploring the world through low-carbon travel. 

In this episode, Megan shares why she and her partner started their climate storytelling non-profit, The Green Journey, and how she was able to blend her passions with her love of travel. We talk about her experience hitchhiking and biking across multiple countries and what it’s taught her about getting out of her comfort zone, and she shares what she considers the most powerful motivator for going on any travel adventure.

You’ll hear plenty of stories from their crazy adventure through 20 European countries (so far), gain insight into the benefits of slow travel beyond fighting climate change, and be inspired to consider new ways of travel for your next adventure.

What is your experience with slow travel? How can you combine your passions and travel to create change? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • Why this cause is so close to her heart, the details of their trip, and hopes for the project
  • How they supplement their income and afford to travel long-term 
  • Why low-carbon and slow travel needs to become mainstream
  • Her unexpected experiences from slow travel and why sharing stories matter
  • How they manage the logistics of their trip while traveling with a low-carbon footprint
  • Her favorite stories of communities creating systemic change 
  • How they participate in activism on the road and advice for taking action at home
  • Which countries she’s found are leading the charge on climate change
  • How she was able to get past the limiting belief that she couldn’t travel long-term
  • And so much more


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