Love Is NOT Tourism w/ Krishni Metivier

How would you cope with being separated from your loved one thousands of miles away indefinitely?

Today we are talking with Krishni Metivier who is a part of the love is not tourism movement which is fighting for the reunion of people who are separated from family and partners due to COVID-19. Not everyone is in a foreign country because they are tourists, in fact, there are many who are there to connect with their long-distance partners or family members. With so many people being affected this movement is diligently working hard with governments to amend the travel restrictions to help the mental and physical toll that separation is causing across the world. They also understand and want to cooperate with appropriate safety measures to include paying for testing and quarantining until a negative result is received or agreeing to a full 14 day quarantine period so it is a safety-first decision.

Krishni is here to talk about her experience and to show us that we all are capable of great change in the world even during some of the toughest times. We also dive into travel talk, her research for her PH.D., the importance of ethnomusicology, and so much more!

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Tune In To Learn:

  • 10:40 What Is Love Is NOT Tourism
  • 16:40 The Call To Action
  • 17:50 Krishni’s Story
  • 27:30 You Are Not Powerless or Alone
  • 34:55 Humanitarian Exemptions
  • 38:50 Cultural Capacities & Travel
  • 48:10 Overcoming The Naysayers
  • 52:25 Mysticism & Believing It Will Work Out
  • 56:45 Traveling As An Act Of Courage
  • 58:45 Push Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Finding Joy In Your Mistakes
  • 01:04:40 Ethnomusicology & Translating The Experience
  • And so much more


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