An African In India w/ Kevin K Cheeseman

Welcome my friend, Kevin Cheeseman, an author who has used the power of travel to change the questions he asks himself, therefore, reshaping his choices in life. We will be discussing what those questions were, how being an African in India rocked his world, and how his decision to leave his stable job & travel has indelibly changed him for the better.

Has travel changed the questions you have asked yourself? What impact has those new perspectives and questions had on your life?

Tune In To Learn:

  • 04:30 Kevin’s Life in Ghana & After In London
  • 12:25 Having Two Backgrounds
  • 16:30 The Monsoon Diaries: Asking Yourself Questions
  • 22:30 Cultural Permissions
  • 25:05 India & Spirituality
  • 31:25 Standing Out As An African In India
  • 40:20 Meeting His Wife
  • 44:15 Social Enterprise, Income & Writing
  • 47:25 Pack Back Society
  • 50:35 Portugal Feels Like Home
  • 52:35 Courage Is Powerful
  • And so much more!


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