Avoiding The Instagram Trap w/ Kashlee

In this episode, Kashlee and I dive into whether Instagram is ruining travel, playing the comparison game, has social media played a big part in the over-tourism of certain places, and how minimalism can be the key to setting yourself up for a life full of travel & freedom.

You’ll definitely want to take a good look at your current relationship with social media and how you are using and consuming it plus how do alcohol and travel intertwine in your life and are there any changes that may be needed.

Listen now to see the world of Instagram in a more honest light and why you should be putting your mental health before that “great” pic.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How does drinking & travel intertwine
  • The emotional side of minimalism
  • Why you should clear the clutter in all aspects of life
  • How to fight back against the fakeness of Instagram
  • Why the comparison game will ruin your mental health
  • The oversaturation of tourism due to social media
  • Ways to use Instagram & not allow Instagram to use you
  • How to tell if something has become an obsession
  • Ways to figure out where to go, budget, & type of travel
  • The art of the repositioning cruise
  • And so much more!


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