Sweet Ass Strategies for Achieving Anything Fast with Heath Armstrong

You are in for real treat today as Heath Armstrong shares some sweet ass strategies for achieving anything fast in travel and in life!  Heath has quite an incredible story. In early 2015 he was in the process of re-imagining his life to become location independent to gain more freedom and travel more.  Since then he has:

  • Sold his house and everything he owned to eliminate distractions/debt and discover the meaning
  • Retired his regular ‘career’ for full-time location-independence, freedom, and travel
  • Built an automated e-commerce business that did over $600k in revenue in 2016

On top of that, he created The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days.  It will help you learn and implement the habits, strategies, and personal practices he dissected from 100+ interviews with creative entrepreneurs to destroy what he calls “resistance gremlins”…..and build your freedom empire.

Just a few things you’ll hear about today:

  • Gremlin bashin’
  • Minimalism
  • The importance of habits
  • How to get over the fear of failure
  • What you can do to have better focus

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to destroy resistance and bring opportunity back to life
  • Ways to experience personal healing
  • One way to transition your mindset to possibilities
  • 4 steps to minimize distractions and take action
  • How to create success in business and life
  • Habits to overcome self-doubt
  • Easy way to get started when you have a fear
  • How to manage your time to transition to a location independent entrepreneur
  • And much more


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