Living Your Best Travel Life with Jubril Agoro

What does the phrase “living your best life” mean to you? Is it a future dream or a current reality?

To Jubril Agoro, founder of Passport Heavy, co-founder of¬†Live Richer Academy, “living your best life” is all about mindset, intuition, and flow.¬†

Tune in this week to learn all about the mindset secrets of how this world traveler and digital marketing expert grew and developed multiple online businesses focusing on community, travel, and personal development. 

What do you do to create balance in your life and how do you know it’s time to realign? I’d love to hear more about it and hope you will share by sending me an audio message.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • 17:30 How trusting intuition and flow is the guiding force in Jubril’s travels and life
  • 21:00 What it’s like to have home bases in different parts of the world
  • 22:00 Insights from Jabril’s recent experience traveling to Rwanda¬†
  • 25:15 What first sparked Jabril’s passion for travel and when it became a lifestyle¬†
  • 32:30 Why embracing the unconventional brings freedom
  • 37:00 The importance of minimalizing the material to maximize on life experience
  • 40:00 Lessons from travel and seeking similarities in the global community
  • 44:20 What it looks like to redefine the narrative of travel
  • 51:10¬†How to define and recognize success in your life
  • 55:00¬†Why perspective is everything when it comes to living well
  • 59:05 The crucial aspects of success in entrepreneurship
  • 1:08:40 Advice on having successful business partnerships
  • 1:14:40¬†What’s coming next in the world of travel and online business
  • 1:17:50 Resource recommendations from Jubril
  • And so much more


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