Getting Off The Beaten Path with Travel Writing Legend Joe Cummings

How often do you find yourself getting off the beaten path & how have those experiences shaped you?

Today I have travel writing legend Joe Cummings as my guest and he wrote the very first Lonely Planet Guide book to Thailand back in the early ’80s and we will dive into what that was like plus we talk about what guide books have done to travel (the good, the bad, & the ugly), what the benefits are for getting off the beaten path, and he shares tons of stories that encompass his entire travel writing career including one with Mick Jagger. Do I need to pick up that name I just dropped?!

This is definitely a not to miss episode for anyone who loves travel & the stories that come from it so sit back relax, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy my time with travel rock star Joe Cummings.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • 08:15 Why Bangkok?
  • 11:15 For The Love Of Travel
  • 15:30 From Quaker College To Travel Writing Rock Star
  • 20:15 The Experience of Writing The Thailand Guidebook
  • 25:10 Opening Up Via The Language
  • 27:00 Finding The Balance Between Feeling & Communicating In Guidebook Writing
  • 31:50 The Impact Of Guidebooks: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • 38:40 Tips On Finding & Getting Off The Beaten Path
  • 40:20 Stories On Travel & Getting Lost
  • 46:25 Travel & Technology In Modern Times
  • 51:45 Eastern Philosophies & The Influence On Travel
  • 56:35 Fundamental Mindset Shifts From Living Outside The U.S.A.
  • 01:02:10 Hanging With Mick Jagger
  • 01:04:30 Advice On Travel & Honing Your Craft
  • 01:07:35 Would You Do Anything Differently?
  • 01:08:40 What Does The Future Of Travel Look Like?
  • 01:10:40 Experiencing The Real Thailand Tips & Tricks
  • 01:14:05 Most Proud Moments In Life
  • And so much more


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