Behind The Scenes With Adventure Travel Journalist Jayme Moye

What do you like about Adventure Travel?

How does immersion change you?

Today you’ll hear all about adventure travel and different ways that immersion can change you…from an award-winning professional adventure travel journalist.

Please welcome Jayme Moye back to the show! Learn more about her work here.

The first show we did together was insanely popular as she gave industry tips and secrets to succeed as a professional travel writer. Check out ‘How To Become a Professional Travel Writer’ (in resources or archives) after listening to today’s show!

Today we are going deeper into the world of travel writing and she’s going to share with us a behind the scenes look at the reality of collaborating with top climber Hans Florine to write On the Nose: A Lifelong Obsession With Yosemite’s Most Iconic Climb.

Gear Up To Learn:

  • How to get started and make a name for yourself (as a writer)
  • Tips for getting started in freelance writing
  • How your chameleonesque element can help you
  • How travel can really shake up your world
  • What is El Capitan and the mystique around The Nose
  • How to get some of the best journalism
  • What makes you a stronger person (when it comes to adventures)
  • How to break out of your mold (and push out of your comfort zone)
  • Why taking calculated risks can serve you well
  • The best piece of advice to ensure success (when collaborating)
  • And so much more!


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