Norway To Cape Town On A Tandem Bike + How Sweet It Is

How far could you go on a tandem bike?

Tune in today for the first-ever live Zero To Travel podcast! Coming at you from a popular travel shop in Oslo, Norway.

Learn what it takes to ride a tandem bike 21,000km from Norway to Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll hear how one Swedish couple did just that for their honeymoon in 2012.

Plus, you’ll hear them answer questions direct from the live audience.

Zero To Travel Podcast Norway To Cape Town On A Tandem Bike + How Sweet It Is 1

Please welcome Rasmus and Susan to the show

Check out their work at Life of Engberg.

You’ll hear plenty of tips along the way on:

  • Travel through Europe and Africa
  • How to stay committed to adventures/travels
  • What it’s like to bike through 24 countries
  • How to set yourself up for long-term travel
  • What you can learn from a 13,000-mile bike trip
  • How to create your own holy moments
  • Tips for taking your own bike tour
  • How to see a country in slow motion
  • Building your life around travel
  • What to do after you complete your trip
  • And a ton more


Be sure to head over to the archives for more Zero To Travel Podcasts!

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