Independent Travel as a Female in Afghanistan, Hitchhiking Iraq, and Ex-Pat Life in Sudan with Jacquelyn Kunz

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This episode was recorded before the conflict in Sudan, and Jacqui has since left the country. For additional information and ways to support the Sudanese people, you can visit and follow Jacqui on Instagram.

Why would someone choose to travel to the world’s most dangerous places?

Today I’m joined by Jacquelyn Kunz, the first female to travel independently through Afghanistan after the Taliban regained control. In this episode, Jacqui shares some of the toughest moments from her time in Afghanistan, what led her to move to Sudan, and her life as an ex-pat. We also talk about what it was like to hitchhike in Iraq and how these experiences have shifted her outlook on life.

Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? I’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.

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Tune in to Learn:

  • The ultimate traveler fantasy
  • Jacqui’s favorite places to visit and what attracts her to more extreme foreign destinations
  • Traveling through Afghanistan and why she chooses to take on challenging trips
  • Insight into the experience of being a woman in Sudan
  • How Government censorship and surveillance impacts a society
  • Why Jacqui moved to Sudan and her family’s reaction
  • Her first days in Sudan and what she does for work
  • Life in Sudan with political instability and how she fits into society
  • Why a foreign woman is considered an honorary man and how this impacts her relationship with Sudanese women
  • How these experiences changed her perspective on life, relating to others, and having gratitude
  • What it’s like being an ex-pat and her background in political science
  • Finding the courage to take a different path and the challenges of living an unconventional life
  • Her experience hitchhiking in Iraq
  • Jacqui’s best advice for safety and her thoughts on being a risk-taker
  • Her quest to visit a certain fast food chain in every country they have a location
  • And so much more


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Photo by Joel Heard on Unsplash

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