Hitchhiking Across The USA

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Are you ready to go for a ride across the USA? My guest for this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast did just that (well, many rides). He quit his job, sold his stuff, and hitchhiked from Orlando to San Francisco! I welcome the true transient, Pat Daley to the show. Check out his site to get the goods on his trip and some inspiration for your next adventure.

Plus I bring you some travel trivia and a world record!

And you’ll get another Pack Hack from Fred at Tortuga Backpacks.

Listen now! You’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to have an adventure
  • What it takes to become a digital nomad
  • What to expect on a hitchhiking trip (focus on the journey)
  • Rules to hitchhiking authentically
  • Is hitchhiking safe?
  • Where to sleep while hitchhiking
  • How to keep your good vibes while waiting for a ride
  • Why you may have to become a therapist in exchange for a ride
  • The best tools to capture and document your hitchhiking journey
  • And much more!

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